What is this?

Everybody wonders if their weather is weird, now know for sure! By comparing today's weather with how things used to be, we calculate the daily Weird Weather Score® for 5,000 places around the globe and explain it in simple terms. This map is the first step, with a mobile weather app and API coming next. We're still debugging the data, so if you see something that seems wrong, please let us know.

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What does the map show?

This experimental version of the website simply shows all locations where today's Weird Weather Score® is at least a little weird. The colors show weirdness in terms of how often a type of weather used to happen

We encourage you to play around with the map, click on things and see what happens.

How do we measure weirdness?

We compare today's weather with long-term weather records for 5,000 locations around the globe. Today's weather comes from Weather Underground, which is also probably the data source for your favorite weather app. Historical weather data comes from the Global Historical Climate Network, which is freely available for download, if not exactly user friendly. So there's nothing tricky about what we do; you could do your own comparison using the same information. But we're not saying it's easy, and, gladly, we've already done it.

Who made it?

We're a couple of Ph.D. candidates in Environmental Engineering at UC Berkeley. Our research is concerned with weather patterns, and when we realized there was nowhere to get this sort of information we decided to do it ourselves.


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